Episode 105

Films You Want To See With A Different Director: REVISITED

Not that anybody asked but this week we are wishing everything was different and finding somebody new because we're talking about films we would want to see tackled by a different director, again! October 1st marks the 3rd birthday of The Podcast Nobody Asked For so, as is now tradition, we have dove into the early days of the archive and revisited a topic we have already covered. For this year we are heading all the way back to Episode 3. What will make our final Top 3 list this week? Expect Tortle Portals, the pie index and not being able to swing a cat at Seth Green.

You can find the trailers for our choices, and other things referenced, on this youtube playlist.

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Graham Jones

Top 3 Things You Should Know:
1. Once saw Tom Felton in a cocktail bar, fairly sure he did a double take thinking I was his old pal Rupert.
2. Psychology graduate and knows this doesn't matter.
3. The van story - but I'm not telling you unless you buy me a beer.
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Ian Harries

Top 3 Things You Should Know:
1. Holds the unironic belief that Nicolas Cage is the greatest living actor.
2. History graduate and thinks this matters.
3. Once climbed a mountain by accident.